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Premiere Membership

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What is Premiere Membership?
Premiere Membership gives you the most out of your membership here. With Premiere Membership, you will get:

  • Be able to create your own custom title (instead of the automatic one that displays according to your post count).
  • Have your own signature at the bottom of all of your messageboard posts.
  • Display your own personal picture (upload it and change it at any time) that will appear at the bottom of all your messageboard posts.
  • Be able to private message any other Premiere Member on The Stone Table via our messageboards!
  • Change the look and feel of the messageboards to any available style.

How much does it cost?
Basically, it's $5/month. However, you can save a little bit if you pre-purchase your membership. So, for 3 months, it's $12.50... 6 months, it's $25.00... 1 year, it's $50.00.

How do I cancel my Premiere Membership?
If you purchased a monthly recurring membership, then you simply need to login to your paypal account, click on the details for your subscription purchase, and click the "cancel" link at the bottom.

Can I pay with cash, check, or money order?
Not yet.

Can I give a Premiere Membership to someone else?
Absolutely! Just type in all or part of any member's username or email below. You'll then be given a list of users that match your search--and don't worry, it will let you know if that user already has a premiere membership.


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