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A Field Guide to Narnia

$ 9.75 - If you've found yourself scratching your head trying to understand some things in Narnia, this book's for you! This book illuminates Narnia, how it fits into Christian theology, and also how it relate's to Lewis's own life.

A Guide Through Narnia

$10.85 - A Guide Through Narnia was one of the first in-depth studies of the seven Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. The focus and organization of this revised and expanded edition is on why Lewis wrote the books as fairy tales, the best "form" for his ideas. It is written for both students and scholars who want to expand their understanding of these popular classics.

Beyond the Wardrobe : The Official Guide to Narnia

$13.59 - Just in time for the live-action movie THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE in fall 2005, here are 128 full-color pages packed with everything there is to know about The Chronicles of Narnia’s characters, places, magic, themes, and author.

C.S. Lewis & Narnia For Dummies

$13.59 - Curious about C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia? This plain-English guide provides a friendly introduction to the master storyteller and Christian apologist, revealing the meanings behind The Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters as well as his other works. You'll also discover why Lewis went from being a confirmed atheist to a committed Christian and how he addressed his beliefs in his writings.

Cameras in Narnia : How The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Came to Life

$10.17 - Author Ian Brodie has been on set and on location throughout the production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and has documented the making of the film from behind the cameras, with interviews with the director and key crew members. Using this movie as a specific example, he explains in layman's terms the magical process of turning a much-loved classic of children's literature into a blockbuster movie.

Companion to Narnia (Revised Edition): A Complete Guide to the Magical World of C.S. Lewis's 'The Chronicles of Narnia'

$11.53 - Companion to Narnia is an adventurer's passport to the enchanting world of C. S. Lewis's beloved classic series The Chronicles of Narnia. From Asia, the Great Lion of Narnia, to Zardeenah, the mysterious Lady of the Night, this comprehensive work contains hundreds of alphabetically arranged and indexed entries covering all the characters, events, places, and themes that Lewis magically wove into his fictional world. Bringing the reader a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Chronicles, Ford illuminates the philosophical, spiritual, and psychological significance behind each story, while explaining the symbolic and thematic threads that unify the series.

Inside Narnia: A Guide to Exploring the Lion, the Witch And the Wardrobe

$10.39 - Inside Narnia offers a close reading of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Tracing through the book chapter by chapter, Devin Brown explores the features of C. S. Lewis's writing, supplies supplemental information on Lewis's life and other books, offers comments and opinions from other Lewis scholars, and shows the work's rich meanings. Insightful and thorough, Inside Narnia will dig deeper into Lewis's magical world to reveal biblical truths that often go uncovered. Fans of C. S. Lewis and those who will meet him through the upcoming film release will want to read this book.

Narnia Beckons: C. S. Lewis's the Lion, the Witch, And the Wardrobe - And Beyond

$16.49 - Narnia Beckons is an elegant coffee table book rich with photos relating to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and other C. S. Lewis stories. This book will be full of profound, enlightening, inspiring, and discerning information and stories about the book from which the movie has been drawn. Also included is information about previous television adaptations of Lewis's children's masterpiece as well as interviews with some of the key players producing the movie and leading Lewis scholars.

Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories (Paperback)

$10.40 - Reflections on literature and science fiction; three stories; and the beginning chapters of a novel. Edited and with a Preface by Walter Hooper.

Out of the Silent Planet (Book 1) (Paperback)

$ 9.00 - The first book in C. S. Lewis's acclaimed Space Trilogy, which continues with Perelandra and That Hideous Strength, Out of the Silent Planet begins the adventures of the remarkable Dr. Ransom. Here, that estimable man is abducted by a megalomaniacal physicist and his accomplice and taken via spaceship to the red planet of Malacandra. The two men are in need of a human sacrifice, and Dr. Ransom would seem to fit the bill. Once on the planet, however, Ransom eludes his captors, risking his life and his chances of returning to Earth, becoming a stranger in a land that is enchanting in its difference from Earth and instructive in its similarity. First published in 1943, Out of the Silent Planet remains a mysterious and suspenseful tour de force

Out of the Silent Planet (Book 1) (Paperback)

$12.40 - he novel, the first of a trilogy, is in part a retelling of the Christ story. It is an account of the voyage of Ransom, a linguist, to the planet Malacandra (Mars), where he learns that Thulcandra (Earth) is called the silent planet because there has been no communication from it in years. The spiritual being in charge of the latter, having been corrupted, has essentially cut Thulcandra off from the other planets. Ransom is ultimately sent back to Thulcandra with the two earthlings who had kidnapped him and brought him to Malacandra. The novel gives voice to Lewis' concerns about the secularization of society and argues that a return to traditional religious belief is the only means of salvation.

Perelandra (Book 2) (Paperback)

$ 9.60 - The second book in C. S. Lewis's acclaimed Space Trilogy, which also includes Out of the Silent Planet and That Hideous Strength, Perelandra continues the adventures of the extraordinary Dr. Ransom. Pitted against the most destructive of human weaknesses, temptation, the great man must battle evil on a new planet -- Perelandra -- when it is invaded by a dark force. Will Perelandra succumb to this malevolent being, who strives to create a new world order and who must destroy an old and beautiful civilization to do so? Or will it throw off the yoke of corruption and achieve a spiritual perfection as yet unknown to man? The outcome of Dr. Ransom's mighty struggle alone will determine the fate of this peace-loving planet.

Perelandra Study Guide (Paperback)

$11.55 - Easy-to-use, reproducible lessons on literary terms, comprehension and analysis, critical thinking, related scriptural principles, vocabulary, activities, plus a complete answer key.

Pocket Companion to Narnia : A Guide to the Magical World of C.S. Lewis

$ 9.95 - For readers of all ages, this handy pocket sized edition will guide you seamlessly through the enchanting and timeless world of C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

Prince Caspian (Mass Market Paperback)

$ 6.99 - Narnia has been at peace since Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund helped rid the kingdom of the evil White Witch. But the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve have returned to their own world and a dark presence now rules this once harmonious land...

Step into Narnia : A Journey Through The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

$13.59 - This companion book to the live action movie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is perfect for children too young to read the original. It’s packed with fun facts about characters, places, and magic, and has interactive sections such as a bravery test and mix and match columns.



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