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C. S. Lewis: A Biography (Paperback)

$10.85 - More probing than the affectionate biographies now available, this is a welcome addition to Lewis studies. Author of the acclaimed Tolstoy (LJ 8/88), Wilson renders yet another extraordinary but thoroughly human life. His Lewis is no "plaster saint." Extremely reticent about his life and canonized by devotees since his death, Lewis was a unique challenge to the biographer. Wilson adeptly considers each of Lewis's books in the context of the life and reveals how the writer came to realize the importance of the imagination in Christian faith. Lewis's conversion to Christianity, his friendship with J.R.R. Tolkien, and his work on the Narnia books are presented insightfully. Recommended.

C. S. Lewis: Images of His World (Hardcover)

$16.32 - This reissue of a treasured classic offers a beautiful window into the people and places that shaped the life of beloved author, scholar, and apologist C. S. Lewis. In photographs and text (much of it in Lewis's own words), Douglas Gilbert and Clyde S. Kilby introduce us to such memorable friends as J. R. R. Tolkien and transport us to such magical places as the deer park outside Lewis's rooms at Magdalen College, Oxford. We also meet Lewis as a talented and brilliant child in Belfast, captivated by the myths and legends of the North, already writing and illustrating imaginative stories and poems at a young age... While the book includes an essay tracing Lewis's struggle to find faith and a chronology of his life, it is not a biography per se but rather a personal introduction, a composite portrait of a fascinating individual and the world in which he lived.

From the Library of C. S. Lewis : Selections from Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey

$11.55 - Drawn from Lewis’s personal library, annotations, and references from his writings, the selections in this book bring us into contact with giants such as Dante, Augustine, and Chaucer, as well as introduce us to more contemporary writers such as G. K. Chesterton, Charles Williams, George MacDonald, and J. R. R. Tolkien. Over 250 selections provide a vast array of inspiration from those who have shone forth as messengers of light in Lewis’s own thinking, writing, and spiritual growth.

Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis (Paperback)

$13.59 - Offering never-read-before glimpses into Lewis's extraordinary relationships and experiences, Jack details the great scholar's life at the Kilns; days at Magdalen College; meetings with the Inklings; marriage to Joy Davidman Gresham, and the creative process that produced world-famous works.

Letters of C. S. Lewis (Paperback)

$12.24 - An important revision and expansion of the earlier collection of Lewis’s letters. Entries from Lewis’s diary are included, as is Warnie Lewis’s memoir of his brother’s life.

The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 1 : Family Letters, 1905-1931 (Hardcover)

$23.07 - The first of a three volume collection of the letters of C.S. Lewis, this volume contains letters from Lewis’s boyhood, his army days in World War I and his early academic life at Oxford. From his declared atheism at age 16 to his budding friendship with Tolkein during his days at Oxford, these letters set the stage for the Lewis’s influential life and writings.

The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 2 (Hardcover)

$23.07 - The second of a three volume collection of the letters of C. S. Lewis, this volume contains many letters to prominent thinkers and writers, including J.R.R. Tolkien and Dorothy L. Sayers. The theology and ideas revealed in these letters provide insight into one of the greatest imaginations of our day.

The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume 3 : Narnia, Cambridge, and Joy, 1950 - 1963 (Hardcover)

$23.07 - The final installment of the three-volume collected letters of C. S. Lewis, this volume contains the letters Lewis wrote during the last part of his life, spanning his time at Cambridge, his brilliant creation of the land of Narnia and the children’s series that followed, and his struggle with his wife Joy’s serious illness and death.


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