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Narnia Movies - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are they shooting the movies?
They are shooting on both New Zealand islands and will also be shooting in the Czech Republic.

Who is directing it?
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is being directed by Shrek 2 director, the Kiwi born Andrew Adamson

When will the first movie be released?
The current release dates are as follows:

Germany: 8th December 2005
USA: 9th December 2005
United Kingdom: 9th December 2005
France: 14th December 2005
Switzerland (French Speaking): 14th December 2005
Czech Republic:
15th December 2005
Switzerland (German Speaking) : 15th December 2005
Finland: 16th December 2005
Belgium: 21st December 2005
Netherlands: 21st December 2005
Italy: 21st December 2005
21st December 2005
22nd December 2005
Switzerland (Italian Speaking): 23rd December 2005
Brazil: 25th December 2005
Iceland: 26th December 2005

Who is going to be acting in the movies?
We have put together a list of the announced actors for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe here.

What is the budget for the movies?
The budget has not been released yet, but the rumours are that it is between $150 and $230 Million Dollars.

Who's behind the project?
Walt Disney Studios and Walden Media have signed a deal to co-finance and distribute The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The agreement allows for the further movies in the series to be made under the same partnership.

What does the family of C.S. Lewis think of the movie?
Of course no one has seen the finished product yet but Lewis' step-son, Douglas Gresham has been quoted as saying "Fans of the series have been waiting for generations for a film that faithfully adapts the Narnia books for the screen. Disney and Walden are a perfect match for the magical world that C.S. Lewis created, and we're as excited to see the movie as everyone else is". He is also acting as a co-producer for the movie.

How many of the books are they going to make into movies?
Walden Media has the rights to make all seven of the books into movies. How many they actually make will probably depend on their success in the box office.
However, work has already started on the second script (rumoured to be Prince Caspian) and there are strong rumours that if The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is a hit, they will film the next two movies at the same time.

Who is going to be doing the special effects?
Effects company Rhythm and Hues have been brought on board to do the majority of the effects work. However, Weta Workshops and Richard Taylor will be a part of the movies, having already started production of many props and creature development.


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