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The Books - Frequently Asked Questions

When were The Chronicles of Narnia published?
The Publishing dates for the UK are as follows:
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe: 1950
Prince Caspian :1951
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: 1952
The Silver Chair: 1953
The Horse and His Boy: 1954
The Magician's Nephew: 1955
The Last Battle: 1956

In what order should The Chronicles of Narnia be read?
There are strong cases for reading them both in order of publication and chronologically.
When writing the series Lewis did not know how many he would write and therefore The Magicians Nephew, although chronologically first, was published sixth.
Lewis wrote in his letters that he would prefer to read them chronologically, but said they could be read both ways.

Are The Chronicles of Narnia Allegory?
Lewis wrote the Chronicles as a "What if?"
What if there was a world like Narnia and who would Christ be if he came there?
Therefore whether they are allegorical or not entirely depends on how you define allegory. In todays terms yes it probably is. But in Lewis's strict use of the term and academic surrounding maybe not.

Who did the origional illustrations for The Chronicles of Narnia?
Pauline Baynes was the origional illustrator. Her origional illustrations have continued to be published with subsequent editions of the books.
She also contributed art work for Watership Down, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and other illustrations of Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Is it true that The Chronicles of Narnia are going to be changed and republished?
There was a rumour that Harper Collins were going to remove all references to Christianity from the Chronicles and then republish them.
This has been catagorically denied by the publishing house. The official statement reads:
"The goal of HarperCollins Publishers and the owners and managers of the C.S. Lewis Estate is to publish the works of C.S.Lewis to the broadest possible audience, and to leave any interpretation of the works to the reader. The works of C.S. Lewis will continue to be published by HarperCollins and Zondervan as written by the author, with no alteration. Zondervan's editorial standards and Christian mission has not changed in any way."

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