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About C.S. Lewis - Frequently Asked Questions

A biography of C.S. Lewis can be found here

How do I contact C.S. Lewis?
Lewis died in 1963.

What is C.S. Lewis's full name?
Clive Staples "Jack" Lewis.

Why is C.S. Lewis sometimes called Jack?
As a child he disliked the name Clive and after his dog Jack was run over in Ireland, he took that name. He was called Jack by all his family and friends.

Where was he born?
Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When was he born?
November 29th, 1898.

Wasn't there a movie about C.S. Lewis?

was originally a BBC production for television in 1985. It was rewritten as a movie by Bill Nicholson (who also wrote the BBC production) and released in 1993, starring Deborah Winger and Anthony Hopkins and directed by Sir Richard Attenborough. The Movie tells the story of Lewis's friendship and marriage to Joy Gresham. It is however not an accurate story. Douglas Gresham, Lewis's stepson describes it as: "'In terms of hard facts it is deliberately and by necessity very inaccurate, but emotionally it is spot on".

Who are the Inklings?
The Inklings were a group of men who met bi-weekly at either Lewis's rooms, or in the Eagle and Child public house (called "The Bird and Baby" by the Inklings) in Oxford. Their members included Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams, but also included many other great writers and thinkers of the time. They would read and discuss their own works providing critisism to further advance their writings. The Lord of The Rings and The Space Trilogy are just two of the many published works that were first discussed in these meetings.


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