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Terms of Service

The Stone Table is a "family friendly" site. We welcome people of all ages to our forums. Because of this, keep posts "clean". A general rule of thumb would be to consider The Stone Table to have a G rating according to the US movie rating system. Specifically, that means one should not engage in sexually explicit discussion or innuendo, excessively crude talk, violence or threats, foul language, or personal attacks. Posts containing any of the above may be removed or edited without notification. Threads which degenerate into disruptive battles, "dirty" talk, or which in any other way violate a "family friendly" atmosphere may be removed.

We encourage enthusiastic and spirited debate. Disagreements can make for good discussion. People are allowed to disagree and state opinions strongly. However, hostile posts--or a pattern of hostile posting--which disrupt the level of conversation on a thread may also be edited or removed, and action may be taken against offending posters.

If another poster violates TOS, it is best to ignore the post and/or notify a moderator. Debating with a hostile poster about their behavior only causes thread degeneration. Stick to the topic of the thread, rather than the personalities involved. Often "removing the audience" causes an offending poster to stop hostile tactics, as they no longer bring attention. Another person's poor behavior is not an excuse to misbehave.

We are a site dedicated to the works of C. S. Lewis. Let's make sure our posts and discussions are of a level he would have appreciated.

TOS details and explanations:

Foul Language:
Adult or obscene language is not welcome at The Stone Table. Strong language will be removed, and a continued pattern of foul language may result in the poster being barred from the forums. If a word is commonly used as an obscenity that word may be banned by the Administrators regardless of any appropriate uses it might otherwise have. Be very sensitive about 'taking God's name in vain'. Please keep exclamations free of terms that might be offensive to a large portion of our active members. Masked but recognizable foul, crude or inappropriate language, (such as replacing a letter with an * or changing a letter), or abbreviations thereof are still considered a violation of the Terms of Service.

"Flaming" or personal attacks are not permitted at The Stone Table. Disagreement is not the same as attack. Do not take a strong statement of opinion as an attack. Direct personal attacks on another poster (as opposed to their argument) violate these Terms of Service. A poster who engages in such behavior may be banned from the forums. Personal attack may be defined as any posting style designed to make another member feel unwelcome on the forum. This would include, for example, racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual slurs, scorn directed at another poster, or attempts to drive another poster off the message board. Threads with the purpose of criticizing or insulting another user will be removed. Moderators are not exempt from this rule; personal attacks on moderators--on the boards or in email-- may be dealt with in the same manner as those which occur to members on the regular message boards.

Board Disruption:
Board disruption can take a variety of forms. Continual disruption of a thread due to personal bickering, hostility, etc, may result in disciplinary action up to and included removal of the /osts, thread or banning the offender. Posting the same information in one or more forums or threads or posting in a manner designed only to increase your post count without adding information or discussion of value is considered spamming and falls under this description of Board Disruption
Violence or threats: No threats or violence of any kind are tolerated on The Stone Table aside from that which occur in the course of role playing threads. Role play should be kept to a form of 'bloodless violence' that is not too graphic to be read by very young children. Again, refer to the guidelines for movies with a rating of G for what would and would not be appropriate. Suggested violence in jest, against board members or any other real person, public or private, may be removed. Should we have cause to believe that a threat is a real danger to the person involved, the staff reserves the right to contact the proper authorities.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Substances:
The Staff of The Stone Table has a zero tolerance policy on posts promoting the use of illegal substances and underage use of tobacco or alcohol. Any post which mentions or makes reference through implication to the use of any substance illegal in the US may be subject to removal and the writer may receive disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Moderators or Administrators. However, posts containing information or references to responsible alcohol consumption or tobacco usage in appropriate settings by persons of legal age (in the US) are permitted.
Links: Any link found to lead to a site that does not hold to the same family friendly standards as The Stone Table will be subject to edit or deletion. Members posting such material may be subject to a disciplinary action.

Plagiarism and Intellectual Property:
The staff of The Stone Table encourages respect for the work of others. Inappropriate use of another person’s intellectual property (this includes all forms of media and written materials) may result in the removal of the item and discipline of the member up to and including revocation of their posting privileges. This rule applies to anything posted on the Message Boards or in the News section and includes material posted in Member’s signatures. Before submitting any item for publication (including signature pictures) please either obtain the owner’s written permission or ensure that the image is not copyrighted.

Personal Information:
The Staff of The Stone Table care deeply about our members and are interested in providing a safe environment in which to post. It is unwise for persons of any age to give out personal information about themselves on a public message board. We acknowledge the right of adults to make this choice for themselves. Persons under the age of 18 may not post any information which may make it possible to infer their age, grade, specific location (nothing more specific than state or province), name of the school they are attending or their legal first or last name. Please refrain from asking others for this sort of information. Persons who appear to be inappropriately curious about our members may be subject to warning or user banning. If the staff of the Stone Table has reason to believe an individual is attempting to gain improper information about another person for criminal purposes he/she will be reported to the proper authorities.

Underage Memberships:
No person under the age of 13 may register or participate at The Stone Table without express written permission of a parent or legal guardian on file in our offices. A permission form is available for download here (insert link) and must be mailed to our offices at:
The Stone Table
901 S. Magnolia AVE
Monrovia, CA 91016
Any member found to be under 13 years of age without this permission form on file will have their membership revoked and privileges suspended until we either receive the form from the authorized person(s) or the member reaches the specified age.

Inactive Email Addresses:
Each user must have a valid email address in their profile here at The Stone Table. If it is found that a member has replaced his or her registering email with a false one, the Administrators of The Stone Table may disable that user's account without prior notice or warning. It is the user's responsibility to maintain a current and active email address. Email addresses can be updated by going to the "My Profile" section and may be selected as "private"--viewable only by the Mods or Administrators. The Staff of The Stone Table will never sell or otherwise allow distribution of our member's personal information to unauthorized persons.

Discipline Policy (Warnings, Banning, and Members Right to Appeal):
Each moderator has a slightly different style. This can result in differences as to how a warning is delivered to a member. These differences do not imply inconsistency. A record will be kept of each member's official warnings (those which were issued in thread or emailed to the member) for the private reference of the Staff. If a member repeatedly incurs warnings for an inappropriate behavior or a variety thereof that member will be issued a final warning to cease and desist immediately. Should the user again violate the TOS, they may be temporarily banned for a period to be determined by the Administrators. During this time the user must stay off the site. Upon their return the disciplined member will have a very limited number of new warnings issued before they may be permanently banned from participating at The Stone Table.

If the member chooses to register a new name and use it following the decision of either a temporary or permanent ban both the new and the old user name will be permanently restricted from participation. The exact number of warnings needed before a temporary or permanent ban is enacted is left up to the discretion of the Administrators and will vary according to the degree of the offense(s) and the level of cooperation the member exhibits during contact.

Should any member disagree with an action taken by a Moderator they may appeal in email either to the Mod themselves or the Administrators. Appeals to the Moderators which cannot be resolved easily will be forwarded on to the Administrators. The decision of the Administrators is final and not subject to appeal.

Advertising and Sales:
Advertising and sales are not permitted within posts on The Stone Table's message boards. Any post containing an advertisement for another site or product may be removed by the staff and the posting member banned without notice. Those wishing to advertise through banner ads or other means may contact for information on rates and availability.

These Terms of Service are subject to change without notice. It is the duty of the member to periodically check these Terms of Service for any updates or changes in policy. Ignorance of a policy does not excuse the behavior. Please note that intentional disregard and/or willful violation of these terms can and will increase the severity of the administration's response, and may be grounds for permanent removal from the message board.

The Staff of The Stone Table will determine when a poster has violated TOS and what actions, if any, shall be taken.


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