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A Timeline of C.S. Lewis's Life


June 16, 1895

Warren Hamilton Lewis, C.S. Lewis's Brother, Born


November 28, 1898

Clive Staples Lewis Born in Belfast Ireland

Clive Staples Lewis is born in Belfast to his father Albert J. Lewis and Florence Augusta Hamilton Lewis


January 2, 1899

C.S. Lewis Baptized into the Church of Ireland


May 1, 1905

Warren Lewis Enrolls in Wynyard

Warren Hamilton Lewis enrolls in Wynyard School, Watford, Hertfordshire, England


August 23, 1908

C.S. Lewis's Mother Flora Lewis Dies at 46 Years Old

September 1, 1908

C.S. Lewis Enrolls in Wynyard School

C.S. Lewis joins his brother Warren at "Belsen" (also known as "Oldie's") Wynyard School, England.


June 1, 1910

C.S. Lewis Leaves Belsen and returns to Ireland

September 1, 1910

C.S. Lewis Enrolls in Campbell College, Belfast close to his childhood home of Little Lea


January 1, 1911

C.S. Lewis Begins at Cherbourg House

After leaving Campbell College in December the previous year, Lewis enrolls in "Chartres" in preperation for attending Malvern College.


June 1, 1913

C.S. Lewis Leaves Cherbourg House

After spending two years at Chartres and losing Christianity, Lewis leaves to enroll in Malvern College

September 1, 1913

C.S. Lewis Enrolls in Malvern College

Calls it "Wyvern", and remains until June 1914.


April 1, 1914

C.S. Lewis Meets Arthur Greeves

Lewis later said Greeves was "After my brother, my oldest and most intimate friend."


June 8, 1917

C.S. Lewis Joins Other Oxford Undergrads in Military Training

April 29, 1917

C.S. Lewis Enters University College, Oxford

September 25, 1917

C.S. Lewis Assigned to the Somerset Light Infantry

June 16, 1917

C.S. Lewis reaches the front line of World War I in the Somme Valley in France

Also his 19th birthday.


April 15, 1918

C.S. Lewis Wounded in the Battle of Arras

December 23, 1918

C.S. Lewis Arrives Home After Stays at Several Hospitals


January 13, 1919

C.S. Lewis Returns to University Classes

March 20, 1919

Publication of "Spirits in Bondage", a collection of poems


July 16, 1924

C.S. Lewis Graduates with Honors from University College


May 20, 1925

C.S. Lewis Elected Fellow of Magdalen College


September 18, 1926

Publication of "Dymer," a Long Narrative Poem


September 25, 1929

Albert Lewis, C.S. Lewis's Father, Dies


October 11, 1930

C.S. Lewis, Warren Lewis, and Jan Moore, jointly purchase "The Kilns" and Move in


October 1, 1931

C.S. Lewis Confirms his Return to Christianity

Lewis tells Arthur Greeves in a letter, "I have just passed on from believing in God to definitely believing in Christ — in Christianity.... My long night talk with Dyson and Tolkien had a good deal to do with it."


May 25, 1933

Publication of "The Piligrim's Regress"


May 21, 1936

Publication of "The Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition"


September 23, 1938

Publication of "Out of the Silent Planet"


April 25, 1940

C.S. Lewis Hosts the First Evening Meeting of the Inklings

J.R.R. Tolkien is also a member of this literary group that would regularly meet at "The Eagle and Child" pub (affectionately known as "The Bird and the Baby")

October 18, 1940

Publication of "The Problem of Pain"


June 8, 1941

C.S. Lewis Preaches "The Weight of Glory" from the Pulpit of St. Mary's, Oxford

August 6, 1941

C.S. Lewis Gives First Radio Talk that Would Eventually become "Mere Christianity"


January 6, 1942

First Meeting of the Socratic Club

February 9, 1942

Publication of "The Screwtape Letters"

July 13, 1942

Publication of "Broadcast Talks," the first two series of talks given on the BBC


January 6, 1943

Publication of "The Abolition of Man"

April 19, 1943

Publication of "Christian Behaviour," more radio talks

April 20, 1943

Publication of "Perelandra"


October 9, 1944

Publication of "Beyond Personality," the final radio talks


August 16, 1945

Publication of "That Hideous Strength"


January 14, 1946

Publication of "The Great Divorce"


May 12, 1947

Publication of "Miracles: A Preliminary Study"

September 8, 1947

C.S. Lewis appears as a caricature by Artzybasheff on the cover of Time magazine


October 20, 1949

Last evening meeting of the Inklings


October 16, 1950

Publication of "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"


January 12, 1951

C.S. Lewis's friend--and co-owner of The Kilns--Mrs Moore Dies

October 15, 1951

Publication of Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia


July 7, 1952

Publication of Mere Christianity

September 15, 1952

Publication of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

September 24, 1952

Meets Joy Davidman Gresham, an admiring American author, over lunch


September 7, 1953

Publication of The Silver Chair

November 1, 1953

Joy Davidman returns to England with her two sons


June 4, 1954

Accepts chair of Medieval and Renaissance English at Cambridge University

September 6, 1954

Publication of The Horse and His Boy

September 16, 1954

Publication of English Literature in the Sixteenth Century, Excluding Drama, a volume in the Oxford History of English Language


January 7, 1955

Takes up residence at Cambridge University.

May 2, 1955

Publication of The Magician's Nephew

September 19, 1955

Publication of Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life


March 19, 1956

Publication of The Last Battle: A Story for Children

April 23, 1956

Marries Joy Davidman in the Oxford Registry Office

September 26, 1956

Publication of Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold

October 19, 1956

Joy hospitalized for cancer.


March 21, 1957

Marries Joy, who is thought to be dying, in a Church of England ceremony in the hospital

April 1, 1957

Receives Joy and her two sons into "The Kilns" where she may die in peace


June 1, 1958

Joy has a remission of her cancer

September 8, 1958

Publication of Reflections on the Psalms

October 1, 1958

Joy's cancer returns


March 28, 1960

Publication of The Four Loves

July 13, 1960

Joy Dies

September 9, 1960

Publications of Studies in Words


September 29, 1961

Publication of A Grief Observed

November 18, 1961

Publication of An Experiment in Criticism


November 22, 1963

Lewis dies. On this day Aldous Huxley and John F. Kennedy also die.


January 27, 1964

Publication of Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer


August 17, 2004

The Stone Table Officially Launches

On this day in 2004, The Stone Table officially launched with news, information, and a messageboard.


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