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C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien to Fight Dragons in New Novel

09/30/06 - Here's a new twist on C.S. Lewis and his impact on 20th century literature: Cast him as a character in a fictional fantasy book. [Read More]

"The Return to Narnia: The Rescue of Prince Caspian" to be in Bookstores Next Week

09/20/06 - Next week, on September 26, HarperCollins will release, The Return to Narnia: The Rescue of Prince Caspian. [Read More]

Freedom in "Spirits in Bondage" ... Poems by C.S. Lewis

07/04/06 - Parm takes a moment to examine a tome of poetry by C.S. Lewis, noting that "the poetry is neither shallow nor weak in its impact." [Read More]

The Chronicles of Narnia Published in Vietnamese for the First Time

04/10/06 - It's the first time Vietnam has had it's own translation of Narnia! [Read More]

Disney "Insider Yearbook" Features Narnia and C.S. Lewis

03/16/06 - The Disney Insider Yearbook 2005 will soon be released with a feature on Disney, C.S. Lewis, and Narnia entitled "C.S. Lewis Meets Walt Disney: Two Mythmakers Journey Into Narnia." [Read More]

Rare Chronicles of Narnia Book Expected to Sell for $17,000

01/19/06 - There aren't a whole lot of us who can afford this edition--but thankfully the words are still the same in the $7 copies in stores (and no, that's not the cover of the one being sold at the left). [Read More]

"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" Most Recommended Book This Christmas

12/07/05 - This sort of news story makes my day. It's good to hear that such a quality book is being recommended to today's young readers. [Read More]

For the Love of Narnia: Phillip Pullman vs. C.S. Lewis

12/04/05 - Michael Nelson from The Chronicle for Higher Education has taken an extensive look--though factual and even-tempered--at Phillip Pullman's accusations against The Chronicles of Narnia [Read More]

"Cameras in Narnia" Now Available Worldwide

11/10/05 - The "on-the-set" book "Cameras in Narnia" is now available. [Read More]

Group Claims Chronicles of Narnia Reading Contest Violates "Religious Neutrality"

11/10/05 - Believe it or not, an advocacy group is claiming that a Florida reading contest centering on the classic novel and upcoming film "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" violates the role of religion in the classroom. [Read More]

The Birth of Narnia: Revealing the Roots of C.S. Lewis's Fantasy

11/08/05 - Read quite a nice overview of C.S. Lewis--actually a bit of a biography--that explains the backstory of how The Chronicles of Narnia came to be written. [Read More]

To Balance Book and Film... Narnia Lives in our Hearts

11/01/05 - Our resident poet and thought-provoker extraordinaire Paul R. Miller thinks about the movie, the books, their relationship, and the impact they'll have on readers, viewers, and fans worldwide. [Read More]

Time Magazine Announces 100 Best Novels: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Makes the Cut

10/18/05 - Time Magazine released their 100 best english language novels since 1923, and, as I'd expect, C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe makes the cut. [Read More]

Narnia Movie Spurs Book Sales

10/11/05 - Read this interesting article detailing how the upcoming Narnia film has affected--and might still affect--sales of Lewis's books (not to mention ALL the movie tie-ins). And more than just The Chronicles of Narnia... all his books are experiencing heightened sales [Read More]

Neil Gaiman Addresses the Problem of Susan

09/30/05 - As many of you know, there has been much discussion about this problem of Susan ever since The Last Battle was published... namely, why is that Susan "falls away" from Narnia? Neil Gaiman talks about his short story "The Problem of Susan". [Read More]



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