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Movie Updates

03/28/10 - Click here to see the latest movie updates from NarniaWeb! Updates in real time from NarniaWeb.com. [Read More]

Movie Updates from NarniaWeb.com

03/28/10 - Click here to see the latest movie updates from NarniaWeb! Updates in real time from NarniaWeb.com. [Read More]

Christianity Today Article for "The Dawn Treader"

03/15/10 - Christian leaders get sneak peek of next Narnia movie, like what they see; filmmakers admit "mistakes" on Prince Caspian, vow to get it right this time. [Read More]

Dawn Treader Back on Track with New Writer

02/27/09 - Michael Petroni has been hired by Fox to write (or is it re-write) Voyage of the Dawn Treader. [Read More]

Fox to Fill Disney's Shoes to Produce Voyage of the Dawn Treader

01/29/09 - Narnia will be back on the big screen! [Read More]

Disney Bows Out of Voyage of the Dawn Treader

12/29/08 - It seems the worst fears based on Prince Caspian's box office performance have come true--Disney will not co-produce or co-finance The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. [Read More]

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